Friday, February 28, 2014

Just another one of those days I guess...

Well I'm now behind in my homework...again and my grade so far isn't where I want it to be. So I'll keep this post on the short side if my brain and hands will let me. I just want to thank everyone that shared my blog, though I wished you all would follow my blog too lol. I have followers on Google+ but I guess that's enough for the time being right? Oh I do need to tell you all about the progress I'm... kind of making with me making this blog partially fashion. I love clothes and jewelry though that's not all me, as you already know I'm a blogger, a Freelance writer, a nerd, a bookworm, a nerd, and a anime/manga fanatic... Did I already say nerd? Teehee, yes I can admit it and not feel bad, though it was a different story when I was in high school. Want to know something funny? I still look like I just got out of high school or is still in it.

Credit-Owner/ does not belong to me

At this moment I trying to get rid of pimples that only comes around when mother nature likes to punch me in the gut. It could also be me eating way to much candy and drinking juice when I'm so use to having water. Yea that could be it, but I'll just leave that alone for now lol. So I stared back drinking water... today *coughs* and I'll stick to it, as well as me not eating anymore sweets or junk food. I need to start eating a bit more healthier which means I need to cook some of the meals for me, my sister, and my nephew. I also need to stop sitting at my laptop for hours on end doing pretty much nothing at all until I feel like posting something or doing my homework.

There are a lot of things I need to get better at *sigh* And If I want to become successful in opening my own business, there is no excuse in slacking off!! No reason what-so-EVER! (╥﹏╥)

Wish me luck in having and getting that ◔_◔ mind state in check... lol. It's funny really to me, I help a lot of people I don't even know and yet I sometimes have a hard time when it comes to helping myself... Maybe I just need to stay of the internet the rest of the day, after I finish all my work today, and check within myself. Get to know me a bit better to stop procrastinating and get my stuff done.

I think once I do that and follow through everything, my hotspot bill will be a lot lower than what it is now    ب_ب

Plus I wouldn't be stressing over nonsense stuff that should have been done days ago, especially when I had enough time to do them. Well see this went longer than I thought so I will stop for now. Next month starts tomorrow and I will do something fun for you guys each day. Plus it's my birthday month and it's when the Airman will come home to me finally!!! =^.^= I pray for his safe return and I will write again tomorrow guys!

Thanks for reading, comment, like, share, and follow my blog for new updates! Come back again guys!! ♥ ✌