Monday, March 10, 2014

10 new things

Hey guys this post today will be 10 things you don't know about me. I've shared a lot about myself in past few weeks so I'm not even sure I'll get to 10... But I think we will find out soon enough aren't we :) So here we go, come join me to the land of the Baker :)

10. I'm afraid of height's and things that move way to fast. I don't get sick or anything but I really don't find any thrill in anything that is too high or too fast. I will never get back on a roller coaster ever again! Just... no never ever! Lol roller coaster are the devil and evil!

9. I was very lazy, sometimes I find myself slipping back into that, but I'll catch myself to pay attention to what has and needs to be done. So more and more often than not I'm getting better in getting things done.

8. I have an obsession with anime. Any kind of anime is the best anime if I've seen it... But there are those few that I won't even look at because of the reviews I've seen on them. There's one anime I know will make me sick so yea.. Anime is great but there are a few out there that you'll just have to be careful with.

7.I just got into reading manga... for those out there that have no idea what I'm talking about, manga is like a Japanese comic that you read from right to left. I never really got into them because of the reading style. But I think I could really enjoy the many manga's that are out.

6. I want to move and live in Japan... Yes I want to move and live in Japan for at least three maybe four years. Than continue traveling with my boyfriend until I feel I can settle in one place to raise a few children. But if we do settle I really want to live in Japan.

5. I think I might be a book hoarder, nah I just really really love books lol. I love reading, but I don't have much time to read like I use too. I do need to do better with time management.

4. Time management right now I suck at it lol. I can do a lot of things at one time but it will burn me out. So I plan on making a schedule to get everything done the way it's suppose too.

3. I had a trash bag full of my favorite teddy bears and stuffed animals. I think I might have gotten rid of them because they were so old and the fur was falling off a few of them. I have three stuffed dogs now, one from my mom, boyfriend, and my sister. So I think I'll start the collection again.

2. My nickname is LadyBug, and I run another blog with a group of friends by that name. I really enjoy blogging, and writing and having fun. I can't see myself not blogging now that I've gotten into it so much on this year. I enjoy meeting new people, and I try my best to comment on each friends blog.

1. I signed up for the Navy last year only to not be able to make it on time for a test. The girl that was suppose to pick me up left me, and had me thinking she was on her way, for me to find out she was half way to the testing site... I was never that upset in my whole life. But I'm over it, just meant me being in the Navy and the Airman in the Airforce at the same time wouldn't really work.