Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 tips to staying organized

 (I forgot to post this yesterday sorry guys! So you will get a double day for today... hope that sounds right...)

Everyone want to get organized and stay organized but not everybody knows how to... well start. Like me I have trouble and I am everywhere when it comes to school, work, and both my blogs. But if you know what time of day to being a certain task and stick to it, there's the likely chance off stress melting away and your smile can be brighter.

I'm going to explain how to stay organized as a blogger. I hope it helps those starting out and have their blog seeming to become more of a task rather than fun. You need fun to write posts, well that's how I see it anyway. Well here it goes...

 Staying Organized

Step one:

Timing really does matter- We all know there's 24 hours in a day, 1440 minutes in that same day and well... you get the idea. When we budget our time or manage it, which ever you prefer things won't feel as stressful as they did, say a week ago?  A lot can happen in time whether short or long if your not using it wisely, you'd run the risk of you feeling like there's never enough time for this or that. We all go through it but taking the time out to figure what you are "wasting time" on can solve a lot of problems in the near future. Manage your time, you will reap the benefits in the near future, trust me on that!

Step two:

Doing task management- Let's start off by saying I had No idea what this meant so maybe if I give my opinion it will make sense to you. With task managers can help you in managing your personal as well as professional lifestyle. If you have something or someone provide and remind you of the when and what of your work you will than feel a bit more relaxed. Work would be done on time, and you could even sit back and chill out for awhile.

Step three:

Don't lose track- Stay on task and be accountable for all that you've done and what needs to be done. It's about the same as Step two. Having someone or something to keep you reminded of certain goals you've set can be a big help. Stay on the right track to get to where you want to be. That's all it takes, but don't worry we all slip once in a while, I'm a living witness :) So if you do lose track don't get frustrated and quit, that just means you need to find something that will help you reach that goal next time around. Figure out what prevented you from doing it the first time. When you realized this, find a way to get keep it out of reach. I guess what I'm saying is put away the cell phone and turn it off. The television can be quite a distraction, and sometimes putting on soothing music or known at all can help you in getting that thought you been pondering for the past 15 minutes.

Step four:

Lots and lots of note-taking- Now this is what I do a lot. And sometimes I'm pretty good a free-writing as what you are reading now ;). Taking notes is a great way of getting the information you might find on the internet useful. If you have a prompt that just came to you but you're at a grocery store buying yams, you are more than likely to forget what it was once you rush home running throw a few yellow lights just to write it down. Keeping a small pocket size notepad from one of the many dollars stores can be helpful, and if your phone has voice record than that's a plus as well. So the jest of the step is to keep paper on hand or ready your voice record on your phone. You can image all the places people think of there winning poems and stories at. Not all my poems were thought of at home or a coffee shop, I always think of something good in church or at someone else house.

Step five:

Now write -- err type it- Now it's time you put our tasks and dreams in word form. Some people use journals or calendars that have enough space for you to write things into them. You can even use the blog system to bookmark things you like. To be honest I'm not really sure about that but I guess it could work for some and not all. When you write or type something down to be remembered your brain has a higher chance of letting you remember it. Your using the eyes, and your hands. Two of the important aspects of life for remembering important things just like you were studying for a test.

I hope these were helpful and I really hope I didn't confuse anyone. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, that's fine too I love comments!! Thanks for stopping by and reading. I'll have Day 6 posted soon after this.... Once I finish it that is. Bye for now y lovelies!! <3