Sunday, March 9, 2014

A really great find from Etsy!

Hey guys I was looking at some shops on Etsy and liking almost all the things I thought were unquie and just plan awesome to look at. All of the jewelry and pretty things that I couldn't get at the moment. Than I found a shop called Gems and Pearls KC!! Her work is well.... A work of art! I think those that love jewelry and needs something new for their wedding should come here and take a look. If her master pieces interest you gone ahead and purchase a few things. Her name is Susan and right now her store on Etsy is having a sale where everything is 25% off until March 15th!
If you want more persuading well here it is. The one piece of jewelry that I've been admiring so far is The Rhinestone and Freshwater pearl Teardrop necklace. This necklace took my breathe away when I saw it and I already know it will do the same for you all too. I hope y'all would kindly drop by her store and look through the many treasures her store has. They are one of a kind and are so far my favorite to look at. I can't wait to get proposed to, she'll be my first stop once that time in my life comes. Here I'll put a photo here of the necklace, you can go to her store and enjoy the rest of her work!
The Rhinestone and Freshwater pearl Teardrop necklace
So if you did like this necklace as much as I did, leave a comment and I'll tell her what you thought of it. This is really an awesome necklace and I've never seen one like it before!