Monday, March 10, 2014

Bodycon dresses ;)

Hey guys I got another pick for you, there are a few black dresses that I can't seem to stop thinking about! Everything I pick I try to make sure the prices a reasonable for both me and you guys! I won't do that long review like I did last time but I will share my love for a few of the dresses for you. So without further ado, lets start out by saying, yes I really enjoy finding bodycon type dresses. They are made to keep things that are out of place in.

 The first dress paired with some nice heels or ankle boots will pull the outfit together pretty well. The second dress is also a bodycon style and it has a zipper at the back, which you will have a better view of when you click on the dress to go to the store. The next dress is called the Garden Girl Bodycon dress. I picked this dress because it spells Spring all over it, don't you think? The full size flowers is my favorite and the blue brings the flowers out a bit more. The Posh Tube dress is a very different style for me but I can't help but admire it all the same. Another awesome factor is that it can be worn as a skirt. What's not to like right? The Cutting Edge dress, is just wow! The red color is very sexy and speaks volumes. I like how the back is made, and you can really enjoy a girls night out in this. Next is the Everyday Maxi dress which is a regular maxi dress I just really love the way they are made to form out your figure. The Geo Print Bodycon dress is one of my favorite favorites. I really enjoy looking at this dress and I can't wait to buy one soon enough. And last but not least is the Superstar Bodycon dress, image yourself wearing this dress with high class sunglasses and party heels or some boots that will appeal to your style. Nothing says foxy like this dress and a few accessories to pull the outfit together.

I really hope y'all enjoyed reading this, because I think all of these dresses deserve all the love they should get. So don't be shy click on the pictures and read more about these gorgeous dresses that you can buy and save in your closet for this Spring and Summer!!