Sunday, March 2, 2014

☃ Describe your favorite winter activity! ❄

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone's Sunday so far is going great... As some of you are in church.. Like I should be but my mom went on a nice little trip, with our church. Every year Faith Tabernacle Christian Center takes the Singles, Married Couples, Youth, and Childern Church on different trips at different times of that year. I'm a proud member and I enjoy it very much. Please come visit sometime if you are in town :)

Winter Activity:
I'm not really sure if I have a favorite activity but I do enjoy watching the snow fall. The beautiful flurries that will melt on the the ground. Just floating on the wind and you can't really predict when it will land, only to have the wind blow it away. I love taking pictures of the snow though, because down here in the South we don't see snow very often. When we do a lot of stores and school shut down because we don't have all the necessary stuff that can get rid of the snow. I mean why bother with it will snow at most once maybe twice in a couple of years. So I guess my favorite activity would be watching the snow fall from my window and taking pictures of it as well. I hope y'all enjoy few I could capture this year.

So pretty in the front yard

The North had a lot to say about us down here, and I understand a good laugh is that. But if you never been here all your life and know why the schools shut down, you know to keep people inside and off the roads. We don't have manufacture snow tires around here. Just the window scraper, anti-freeze and other small stuff. This was the first time (for me) that the lights actually went out putting a lot of people in the dark this year. But well I guess we all should of known better huh? *Shrugs* Sometimes I see why I stay home, people out there are evil, and a skinny black girl like me likes it better when she has people on her side :) I know there were a lot more people that could relate to us, and I hope I at least gave y'all a bit of a view of being born and raised in North Carolina ^_^

Hope y'all enjoy the post and have a great Sunday!!