Friday, March 7, 2014


When I see the word family I think of loved ones being around having fun. Taking up for the ones you've known for most of your life.Having a family and being in one is a great opportunity and well life is life when you have a large family lol. I wanted to share a few pictures to show you my family. All of them I love and miss! I have two sisters and three brothers and a couple of nieces and nephews so I hope y'all will enjoy another piece of me. Y'all have be great this week and I'm really enjoying being able to talk to people reading this with lives of their own. I would also love to hear about your family. What do you think of when you think of the word?

She bought me a cake!!
My sis and my oldest nephew

The first picture was taken last night so it was 3 in the morning lol if the picture looks grainy it's because I was falling asleep when she came in singing happy birthday lol. My sister is younger than me and I'm really proud of the woman she is becoming her son is a trip I'll put a picture of him up soon too. The other picture is the same girl and that's one of my brothers son. He has a few kids with his wife I'll put a picture up of them soon as well.

My brother and my nephew

This is my oldest brother, I have another older brother but he isn't always around... My youngest brother who is at least 7 months younger than my younger sister up top is pretty tall. I haven't seen my younger brother in a few years I believe. This is the first time I saw my brother in this year, he travels a lot with him driving trucks and stuff. I miss him... That's our nephew he's holding, my youngest sister son up there at the top. He turns 3 this year, ^_^ that kid is a handful that's for sure. He is funny but sometimes a bit hard headed and don't know when to leave things alone ... lol He is a silly boy and very, and I mean very active and talkative for a two year old.

Here are me and my sisters. The beautiful lady in the middle is the oldest out of us females in the family. And you see the baby girl is taller than both her older sisters ^_^. Now that I look closely we all have the same smile. <3

Me and my sister when we got our hair done together. I enjoy doing things with her and I hope to do more in the near future and soon too. She has been holding on and growing more and more right before my very eyes.

This is my sister, my mom and myself at a Thanksgiving gathering with my mom side of the family. We were in the country at my great aunt's house. I really miss going to my great grandma house and eating good Southern food. Homemade backed mac and cheese, collard greens, and sweet potatoes... Man that's always good eating.

Well I hope this has shown you what I think about when I think about the word family. Being able to spend time with those you haven't seen in awhile. I love everyone in my family. Even though we don't see each other as often we will always find a way to spend some amount of time together. I hope you enjoyed this!