Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Great, Awesome, WONDERFUL news!!

Hey everyone! I hope you all have been having a great week so far! Mine has been pretty good, so I have nothing to complain about. All in all I'm alive and blessed! I started exercising today... And I am sore! I did a 15 min walk in place workout, and I tried the basics of the Brazilian Butt Lift, video I found on YouTube... Don't judge me, I just don't have to money to buy it right now lol.

So yea I did that for a least 15 minutes as well. I'm pretty sore everywhere, because I tried some pushups yesterday morning. I'm trying to do a bit more for me right now. I really need to get better at taking care of my body. Plus I'm a bit underweight for my age and I want to get to the right size the right way. So with me doing these exercises and learning to eat right I can get to the right size and curvy shape I need to be. ;)

Wish me luck on my journey guys, I really need it, and the best thing is my sister will be joining me in doing the butt lift exercises, which I think is really awesome! I can't wait to get started even though my arms, legs and butt are already pretty sore. But hey just means I the pain will continue to motivate me. ^_^  It's going to be so much fun when the morning comes, I have to make sure me and my sis gets 7 to 8 hours of sleep. She comes home from work around 3a.m and she might go to be at 4... so I'll wake her around... 11-ish o'clock.

Well let's hope she'll wake up by than lol. But more good news is that I got a call about a competition I signed up for on last week. I just sighed up, didn't know I would actually get a call from Barbizon on yesterday about being a candidate to win a trip to New York for a promotional photo shoot!! I wish I could have taken a picture of the look on my face when I got the call lol.

I get to go to Raleigh this Saturday I guess to get chosen against others that signed up for the competition. I really hope I can have this chance I really want it! I've never been to New York and I hope I'm not going to be too old to get picked... I know I look young but sometimes other things might catch their interest.. Just wish me luck everyone, and pray that I get a boost of confidence but not be over baring... Man I hope I will do okay..

I know I say a lot in my writing and in my blogs, but I'm pretty shy in person and I've very sensitive to certain emotions I feel from others. I can not have a panic attack, or get overwhelmed... That would be bad and would make me feel some kind of way if that happened. My nerves are already on edge from the call and it's the beginning of the week!

To add to that I will need a ride to another thing tomorrow because a lady called me today about auditioning for modeling!! It's located in Charlotte NC. Called the YouModelandAct.com and I really want to go and try out for it!! So I still have a lot on my plate in trying to make something of myself. I really hope I can make it to both of these opportunities that seem to have fallen at my feet. It's pretty amazing really, I thought I would never find a way to do something I would enjoy.

But I found blogging a great release and on top of the two modeling opportunities came out of nowhere with me not even trying or thinking much about it. So wish me luck and this week will be fun to see what will come out of everything that has come up.