Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!! Yay

Well ladies and gent... if there are any gents out there reading my blog "Thank you!!" So I turned 23 today *happy dance* I don't know what better doing almost nothing all day or the fact that mom is going to take me out to eat and buy me a camera tomorrow!! *Fangirl squeal* I can't wait, it's past time for a decent camera and I can now buy that webcam off amazon that I wanted. Now if only I could get a laptop too... hmmm I'll have to ask her tomorrow.

Man time just keeps disappearing now and days, it's funny really. One minute your aggravating the living daylights out your mom, than the next you are ready to have your own demon spawn kids Just messing with you. So well I didn't really do much today. I turned in some homework that was a bit past due but I got it in. Just two more to do and I'll be fine. I have a 3.7 G.P.A. right now, but it might drop a bit once this class ends... I hope not though my teacher has been really nice and patient with me so I hope that counts for something good in my future.

I know one thing once I get that camera I'm going to start back vlogging and adding them on here. That's another outlet and I think y'all will enjoy it since hopefully Airman will want to do it with me. I want to see if he'll be camera shy or not... Don't tell him I said that though lol. I'm just soo excited! He'll be coming home soon and I can't wait!! Y'all are really going to enjoy his charm and very silly ways. He is awesome an I just love him so much!.

By the way I hope y'all enjoy the new look! I love it so much, I noticed that a lot of you were watching how much I changed this blog on yesterday. It's just everything you see looks nice in one area but when you get it, it's like... it's not a good fit. Those other templates were beautiful and weird and just plain crazy looking. But this one yes this template is a winner and I'm keeping it for FOREVER!! And I was able to make it more appealing and more... me. :) So enjoy the rest of your night guys I'll be spending my birthday night on homework and working on old articles for my Freelance job.

By the way click on the moonfruit badge in order to have a chance of a top web designer build you a site for free! Anyone can enter, and I even signed up myself. Thanks for reading and I hope your night will be a blessed one! Yay HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME....Though the day is almost over I'm still quite excited ^_^