Friday, March 21, 2014

Trying out Polyvore!

I love plaid!

Forever 21 dress

Forever 21 army boots

Forever 21 shoes

Forever 21 jewelry

Forever 21 hair accessory

 So I wanted to try out Polymore to see what all the fuss was about, and now I know! This is an amazing widget type website to do things with fashion, beauty and a lot of other things too! And y'all know how I am, I'm a everything kind of girl and I shall enjoy everything this website has to offer for me! If you are a fashion, beauty, or arts and craft type of blogger give this website a try. Trust me it's easy to use and you can catch on to how things work pretty quickly! 

I mean I did pretty well for my first time! I just wanted to see if it would be hard or easy to use, and right now I can really say this was the most easiest of sites I've used besides Picmonkey of course. I do recommend them both though. Great blogs have been successful just by using tools and websites such as these. I don't know about you but my posts will be very entertaining in the coming days and weeks! 

I really enjoy helping others out with what ever it is they need. And if I don't have an answer finding one together is better than suffering along. I'm still learning things and new ways to improve my blog, and it will probably take some more time before I'm comfortable with one template that I can deal with for years to come. So bare with me with all of it. My blog is but a few months (almost 3 months) old. So of course I'll be picky with a look. Lol, but I will find the one and I will marry it!

So if my blog template has been changed it's because I've grown tired of it, or it really wasn't a fit for the blog in my opinion. By the way if you haven't notice already I love shopping at Forever 21. They're the only store that have my size pants and they look great on me ^_^ lol, I'm pretty tiny in size and to most in height as well. But we all have our days. Plus I think I might have shrunk too! I have to look up at my younger sister more than usual lol.