Sunday, March 23, 2014

I made it just barely!

Well my trip to Charlotte yesterday was a very long on! I almost didn't make the auditions to the John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Career Center. The good news is that I was a bit late "but" I did have time to walk the runway with others that made it there as well.I have a small video of me coming back from Charlotte but I didn't record on the way there sorry about that lol.

I wore my nerdy shirt yesterday and I think I made a great impression with my rolled up ankle length jeans and black heels. I should of wore tennis shoes though, because there were a handful of others were dressed down. I really enjoyed my self and I think modeling could be great information on a resume for other places in the industry.

I had my hair twisted in protective twists for most of the week and that's why my hair looks like it does. I think if I keep up with it and trim the ends once or twice a year my hair will began to grow a little more past the length it's been for years now. I'm going to wash my hair today though and began the process again for tomorrow.

More good news is that I get to return to John Casablances Modeling and Acting Career Center on Wednesday at 1:45. It's located in Charlotte and I'm in Lumberton. Almost two hours away, I have no car or my licenses so I will be asking my boyfriend since he will be coming home on tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited :). Thing is my sister has to work and I have to babysit, so yea I won't have much free time with him like I'd want to...

Say yea to being a great aunty! I just hope he won't cut up on the way there or while we are there. That would be way to embarrassing for me to handle right now. He can be quite hardheaded and mean sometimes. He is only two but I know that he can comprehend that he is doing something that he's not suppose too. He's young not dumb, he learns pretty fast for his age and well I think he can try you on purpose. He really tries me a lot so yea... please wish me luck to have a well behaved nephew in Charlotte this week.
I took this picture of the sky because yesterday was pretty and warm. I love Spring! It's not too hot or too cold, though the weather this year has been weird lately. really enjoyed my self yesterday, me and the others met the man over the company, and he was very cool. He kept us all smiling and laughing, I can't wait to go back. I really want to be able to take myself, but I just can't do it with no income. Doing modeling will help me out a lot not just financially but I want more out of the industry. Confidence and strength to stand up for myself in certain situations.

I guess y'all are wondering how I got to go to the first audition? I had a really awesome friend help me out. She have to work all this week so I'll have to find a different ride for tomorrow. I think I'll call my uncle to see if he can take me and James. He can stay and help me keep an eye out for the little guy. If it works out I can be there and back. It shouldn't really take too long, at the most an hour. I have to go to Raleigh tomorrow for the Barbizon and Seventeen competition. I signed up for it last week.

I already had a feeling I couldn't make it yesterday at 3 o'clock because I didn't get home until around that time. Raleigh is also around two hours away from Lumberton. This competition includes that the winner get to go to NY and $500 spending cash for spree of clothes to wear for a photo shoot. I have luck on my side because I didn't have time to call the lady and tell her I wasn't going to make it. Instead she called me and reschedule for tomorrow. I really believe this year is going to go great for me and I can't wait to share it to the world once I do!!
I'm so glad I started signing up for things because I thought if no one would reply back I don't know what else I'm able to do. I'm claiming my success in this industry and I will continue to do well in school. No I'm not going to drop out if they call and say I have the gig, I'm going to keep going to school and I'll keep posting to this blog.

Writing out what I wanted out of this year is what's been shaping my life to be better. Letting it go would be a slap to me growing as a person from the inside out. :) I see myself still blogging and writing about my adventures growing more as a woman as the years go by. I still have my dream of writing for popular comic cons and Cosplay sites. I still want to open up my own Bed and Breakfast hotel, and I'm still going to be the country nerdy bookworm y'all have come to know and love. Nothing about me is ever going to change.

If I start getting cocky please let me know in the comments. We all need to be checked once in a while. And I'm not an exception. You can succeed with your talent alone, but having friends (and enemies) will shape how you will see this world and how you live your life.

I hope I have grown just a little since I've started on this personal blog of mine. I really want to thank all of y'all for being there for me through all of my craziness. Y'all have been very helpful, even though some of you only just read my posts. Your company does help me out a lot though, and for that thank you!

Well I'll have to go for now, a lot more homework to take care of. I'm not going to give up on any of my dreams. I have a list of things I want to do and accomplish between this and next year. I will do them all if it's the last thing I do in my life. Bye y'all God bless!! <3