Friday, March 7, 2014

My list of favorite dresses!

Forever 21 Day Dresses

Good morning you lovely lovely readers and followers! Today I'll be showing you ladies a few dresses that I fall in love with at Forever 21 every single year when it's almost Spring time. I will always try to find outfits and other things at reasonable pricing! I mean if I can't do that much for you what type of blogger would I be, right?

 So here are five dresses all different colors and styles (click arrow key to get to the very last dress). They're each my favorite in style, color, and of course price range as well.

The first dress is called Favorite short sleeve dress, and it is a bodycon dress with short sleeves and is scooped neck in the front as well as the back. There is tons of accessories you can play around with when it comes to this dress, and the shoes I think a nice pair of flats if you can find some that will help you pull this whole look together. If you want to be daring and try heels go for it, if I wore heels I might end up putting some thin type shorts underneath this dress, because well that's just me. I'm self cautious like that. The only problem is on the online site you don't really have a variety of colors to choose from. So it's like what you get is what you got. I'm not sure if Forever 21 plans on stocking more colors but I do hope so lol.

Next is the Out to Sea Striped Maxi Dress. I actually own one of these dresses and I must say, I really love it. It hugs my body in all the right places, and with me being 5'5'' it's a little long but it's worth it, it's a small too. If you love maxi dresses for the length and the way they feel during the Spring and Summer like me than these is the right dress for you! I think you can get a wider range of colors when you go to their store in person, right now the online store seems to again show only one color here. But if you like this gorgeous creme and charcoal color like I do, click on the dress and you can order it right away! There's nothing like wearing a dress that makes you feel good inside and look even better on the out, I hope you guys decide on this beauty!

Next is the Sleek Heathered Dress, this light heather grey dress is a hearther knee-length dress with a round neckline. No worries about the neckline I like the style and how well this model is pulling this awesome look off. This dress is very pretty and can be paired with a lower type heels and maybe a nice blazer of any color. If you like the hug your body type dresses like this than this dress fits you perfectly. Finding the prefect accesery for this beauty won't be to hard you can wear what you already have or do what you want with it.

Next is the Favorite Bodycon Dress, with the off the shoulder neckline this stretch-knit bodycon dress speaks volumes when you just want to be a little daring. This dress does feature a variety of colors though only three. But I'm thinking of buying this dress soon myself. If you pair this dress with boots like this model did I think you should buy maybe a blazer or jean jacket to pull the look together a little more. It's blue color is very vibrant and you can find something to help tone it down for it's easier on the eyes of those around you.

 And of course last but not least is the Sweet Side Bodycon Dress... hmm I just realized all of the dresses are bodycon lol, I guess I do have a thing for dresses fitting, I feel better when the dress isn't falling off of me. Well this pretty red dress also comes in blush and black, I don't know but each of these colors are really awesome on this dress. This dress has a round neckline with a floral lace yoke. That is really pretty you don't really have to accessorize this piece very much, unless you want to that is. This dress can be sexy and make you feel beautiful, wear it to many types of occasions when going out. You can pair this dress with black wedge heels and maybe a leather jacket if you already own one. If wearing it alone will do that's fine too. I really love the lace front, sometime finding a great bra to go with this dress can become a bit of a problem but wear a strapless bra if you have one.

So this is a list of my favorite dresses... well one of them anyway. I hope you all find this a bit helpful, and if you already own any of these dresses please share what you think in the comments below. I want to know what dress would you wear and where would you wear it? I'll make another one for my full figure queens that read my blogs and I'll even put another post up for the guys that read here as well. Thanks for reading this morning, I woke up to early and wanted to share this so hope you enjoy what I've shared!