Thursday, March 6, 2014

My top 5 favorite movies

Alright I'm back with day 6 and as I promised I've got my 5 favorite movies to show and tell you about.

Movie one:

Happy Feet- Yea I know how can you not like this movie? And you know what, I haven't seen newest one yet and I'm a bit upset about that. I'll get that movie soon too. I love Happy Feet mainly because of the singing and adorable penguins. I really like singing along with them and seeing my nephew try to do the same. It's a great family movie which will be around for a very long time. Showing that we are all different and we have our on ways of showing "our heart" song, emphasis on the our heart part. Mumble learned about the world outside and found a way to get a problem fixed. That's another reason I loved this movie. My guilty pleasure I watch the movie on the daily just to sing and feel good. I'm always smiling when I watch it.

Movie two:
 Wolf Children- Yes I did it I put anime in the mix. I really think y'all should check this movie out and soon. It's heart warming, a tear-jerker, and it also teaches the value of family and love. I know there's probably a few of my awesome readers that actually watches anime like me but those that don't can watch this movie and enjoy what I've enjoyed for most of my life. There's nothing compared to this movie as it can bring families closer, well in my opionin it could if you sat with your kids and watch what they are watching. So if you see this movie on the rack get it, it's finally in English I believe I like watching the English subbed movies and shows.

Movie three:
Four brothers- I love this movie and I will always love this movie. No one, and I mean no ONE can change my mind. These four gentleman was amazing in this movie and if I could I'd give them a pat on the back for a job well done. Everything about this movie spoke volumes and really got into depth with family. Family is who you can spend the rest of your natural life with. They know your weaknesses and strengths and they have your back through any troubles that might pop up. The passion in this movie really got to me... Though I am a very emotional person no matter what movie I'm watching or what's happening to others around me.So if you haven't seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for?? It's just that good!!

Movie four:
Yobi the 5 tailed fox- This next movie is also a form of anime except it's in Korean and wow this was also one pretty awesome movie in my opinion. It really can make you think, this young girl named Yobi isn't actually that young at all. She made friends with a few aliens and boy that crew is pretty funny to me. I think y'all will really enjoy the story this movie brings to life about a young girl being a 5 tailed fox. I hope you try to buy it too. I need to find it myself!!

Movie five:
Takers- You can never go wrong with this movie, right now as I'm writing I'm watching it... Well it's about to go off and I'll pop in Happy Feet next so I can finish up my homework and will be time for my very active nephew to go to bed! "More me time" lol. This movie was pretty awesome and the story line had me wondering how these guys got started in what they do for a living. Don't you ever wonder why robbers, rob in the first place? I do sometimes, there's always a reason behind the things people are lead to do. I know a couple of y'all out there have seen this movie and fell in love with it too.

So tell me what your favorite movies are. You don't have to make a list, unless you want to. Just tell me what it is, I'd really like to know! I love movies and comments, so give me what you got!