Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nike having a great sale,

Nike for the past few day has been having this really great sale. So I wanted to share with you guys how low their prices have been lately. I think it's because summer is coming but, I don't know it could be that they want to bring in more customers.  Anyway here are a few of the things I thought y'all would enjoy.

The shoes selection so far is my favorite. I could never really shop here because they were always too high for me. I actually got my first pair of expensive shoes from them not to long ago. I'll have to share a picture of them another time. They were almost $80, some money that I could use right about now lol. But so far I'm enjoying them though. They are suppose to be running shoes but I've only wore them once or twice since I've had them.

I know this is a very late post but I didn't know what else to do since I was up and surfing the web until my sis came home. Now that she is safely in here bed I think it's time I do the same. Enjoy the selection and I hope I at least picked somethings you might enjoy buying. The first pair of shoes would be fun to buy some day.

So good night and I'll see y'all in a few hours! :) sleep well!

*Click the pictures to see more information about each of the products. I'd love you forever!*