Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sock it to meh!!

Hey wonderful and awesome readers!! Well today I decided to go ahead and share something else with you. How many people out there loves a good pair of socks? How about buying a great pair of socks that are made for a good cause? If yes to both than you are the best! ^_^.
These are awesome looking socks from SoxxyAir - Support A Cause Support Your Legs! I love all the different style and colors that you can receive from this site.
I think you will really enjoy the concept behind the sox if you watched the videos here. I think all the charities that will be working with them is a great way of helping people give back.

Yaz ankle socks

I think you should know that in buying these socks that you as a customer can help in giving up to $8 to five different charities that the company helps out. The different designs has caught my attention and the cause behind them has me sold for sure! I really enjoy looking at them. Each sock has a different purpose when you buy and wear them.

“Nighthawk” SoxxyAirs.
When you order the socks be sure to put in the code: SoxxyAirs, to receive a 20% off discount! I mean come on how great is that? You get awesome socks that helps your feet, and on top of it all you get a discount! You can't beat that at all. The look and styles of these socks are in varieties so it will be quite hard to find the one pair that you love. If there are more than one pair on your list I think splurging is a good idea at a time like this one ;)

WhyHunger sox
This company helped a lot of charities and programs so you will know that the profit of them will go to keep this company growing and helping those out there in need.

Carleen leggings

Pippa thigh highs

The leggings are a new addition to the Soxxy family and so there aren't as may varieties as there are socks but I really like the style of them. If you like them just click on the link below the photo and you will be directed right to them.

A bit of a reminder the socks won't be available until the end of April, so until than make a nice little list of all the socks that you plan on buying, and put them somewhere that's easy to see and reach when the time comes. No worries, I'll be doing the same thing once I can buy a pair (or more) for myself.   

I really hope each of you will take the time and read about the how this store came to be. I really think it's amazing how the owner Sarah made a simple leg compression sock into a fashion state for women. You can read up on what SoxxyAir is here . I really believe you will enjoy the story and video about how it all came together!

Disclaimer:  This is a Sponsered post for the Soxxy company, the above information is my honest opinion about the product they provided for me to review.