Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tried the new GlamST virtual website!

Hey everyone, so there is a new type of way of wearing and trying new makeup!! The website is and it is a virtual make-up website where one can make different looks for different occasions on the web. You can even go to their Facebook page here to check out other ladies that are using this great website, and tips on make-up ideas to try yourself.

This is my before and after pic in using this great feature. All you have to do is sign up with Facebook or your Google+ account, add a nice face forward picture of yourself, and get busy trying all the cosmetics that will be available to you! If you want to buy them click on the button to your left that says "Tested products" and than click on add to basket. It's that simple and just as awesome!!

I was super excited to be a part of this opportunity to show you guys the different styles and make-up that I used. I can't wait to buy the cosmetics myself so that I can recreate the virtual look just for you guys to check out and see.

If you love enjoy putting on different types of make-up but aren't really sure if it will look right on you, sug I would really try this website out! I can't believe how easy it was to fit the dots in the right spot to have the make-up appear just right on the eyes and lips.

I went for a more softer type look, on my lips I used Stick gloss in Courtisane which is a very pretty and soft looking pink. It's so light looking you'd thought that color was made just for me! I mean really though I really want to find it, because I could never find a pink that would look right on me, and wouldn't make me look like a clown lol. Next I used Long wear gel eyeliner, How Iconic over curl mascara, and Sensational effects eye shadow Quad for my eyes. I love how each of them work together to bring out the brightness of my dark brown eyes.

With eyes as dark as mine, it was so hard to find something that wouldn't make them darker or smaller. I have a lazy eye too, and you can barely tell its there. You want to know another shocker? I used blush! I would never try it in real life because I don't know I didn't really think it would look that great on me. Boy was I wrong lol, I should have just looked for something that would bring some flush to my skin, and I like what this blush called Powder Blusher in Thrust, is doing for my skin tone. Once again it as if it's barely there but it is. I played around with the make-up and found other combinations that works for me. I haven't gone wild just yet but once I do best believe it will be shared!!

I really hope you ladies will try it out, there nothing as fun as trying on new make-up, and I think this new way of doing it will bring the life back into do it!

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