Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Your favorite St. Patrick's Day recipe!

When it comes to a favorite St. Patrick Day recipes I didn't really have any but I did look and can say I think I might have found it! Do you remember when McDonald's can out with their Shamrock shakes a few years ago? Yea funny story is I don't think I have, but they look really appetizing and refreshing. The one the thing about them that I like the most would be the color. As I sit here and watch my nephew enjoy the movie Rango but I do know one thing, this movie isn't really for kids but it's hard not to enjoy with the family.

 If you think about it, St. Patrick Day is filled with people wearing green and making sure that you don't suffer from pinches by others if you forget. Not many people now and days really care but sometimes having a little fun isn't so bad, I wonder how many of you decided to wear green? Or maybe you just forgot, or really didn't feel the mood today. Whatever the case I just today was a good one for you. Now that I think about it I'm not sure I have anything green in my wardrobe.

My so far favorite recipe that I picked because it seemed easier to make jk lol. I picked this recipe for the color and the overall factor of awesome vanilla ice cream. The McDonald's Shamrock Shakes is something that you might want to try for you and the family. Just be careful because this shake can be made with soy ice cream but I'm sure you can it out. I hope you all enjoyed my post the a bit short this time. There's nothing like enjoying the day with a very hyper two year old that never really let you work. I love my nephew but he can really be silly and.... well an active child.  lol. So y'all have a bless rest of the day as I go and make some fries for someone that likes repeating himself if your not listening.... Yep this is my life. Bye for now!