Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hey again, well today I've got something really great to share with you all!! So here's something you have never heard of in this day and age. Well Shoeps is new to America, and I think you will also enjoy the easy way in how to put them on. You can say hello to easy, and good-bye to tripping over worn down shoelaces.

I really enjoyed putting these on in replacement of my shoelaces. It's soooo easy!! They are flexible and easy to handle. Just make sure you have your nails painted after putting them on your shoes.

You can even choose the colors you prefer or do like me and get the whole rainbow.... though it's hard to match anything with them.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and see that Shoeps are pretty cool to own.
I'll rate them a 4/5. For one they are easy to use and seem to be easy to clean as well.

So gone ahead and buy some for you and/or your family in general. It'll be a great investment.