Sunday, June 8, 2014

Studio Gear Cosmetics!!

Hey guys I wanted to share with you this one cosmetic that I've tried not to long ago. The thing was I got a color that was a bit light for me. But I tried it on and well yea I looked pretty funny with it on my face. Well I guess if you want to be the judge and enjoy me looking silly well you've got your chance my dears!!

Enjoy the photos and my rating for this particular brand. I did like the feel of the Hydrating CC cream.
Now I'm a bit late in posting this but I really hope you will try out this cream yourself. There's an SPF of 20 and it rubs on smoothly. Dark spots are covered and will leave ones skin feeling smooth and beautiful.

Right here it looks good on me in the low lights
I wanted to show you how it looked on me in a different type of lighting.
All in all this is a pretty good CC Cream, but I won't be wearing it very often because of the color that I picked. If you enjoy creams such as this than make sure to find one that will match your skin tone. More often than not there are still colors veering toward a lighter skin tone than those with darker tones. It's getting better but we have to wait a bit longer to find something that will match.

I pretty much rate the cream 3/5.

*This post is Sponsered post, ratings are of my own opinions. I was not paid to give this review or giving any false rates.*