Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Good Morning!!

So I've been sitting around pretty much all day yesterday. Doing nothing but watch anime on my Kindle Fire and making sure my nephew is full, happy, and less hyper than usual... (don't really work but anywho....) I've been trying to find ways to get all of my loyal readers back and well... I've still came up with nothing... I know pathetic right? (Chuckles)

 Well I already know most of my readers are of course other bloggers like me. My only problem is getting them to comment back... I mean a few do, if you are the first person to do the commenting towards them. Than you have the selfish bloggers that will happily take your comment but leaves you and your blog hanging. That's not very fair.

I mean we all are pretty much the same, we just write about different types of subjects. Now there is a LOT of fashion, and makeup bloggers out there. Some of them are almost exactly alike. I was a bit intimidated by that. I wanted something different and unique. And so far I've grown in the way I write, I do a little bit of everything, and I enjoy it all.

So much for me to do, my dreams are stretching to their limits, screaming at me to catch 'em! I'm soooo trying my best at this moment. One of those dreams is to get this blog and my other one up and running the way they need to be. I swear I've missed writing on here, and not being able to just about killed me from the sheer boredom of doing nothing but play Solitary. I did have my books ato keep me company... guess that counted for something.

But I'm back and I really hope it's for good. I want to rant and show all of ya'll my new toys and products I have and will be getting sooner or later. :)

It's pretty late, so ya'll get in bed... if the suns out by the time ya'll read this... than.... great!! I'm staying in bed... got job applications to sign and a website to look up that has job opportunities my best friend was telling me about a few days ago. Welp, see ya'll later! God bless!!