Monday, August 25, 2014

Car Show on Sunday!

Every year my church has a car show, for car lovers to show off.
If you want to be in it next year, there is a free registration.
 The church I attend is Faith Tabernacle Christian Center, in St. Pauls N.C. I enjoy going to church and yesterday was pretty fun, all the cars were really amazing. I wish I had my camera last year, it was pretty packed and there was even a Yahoo designed car.
Everyone had a great time, but we thought it would rain with the clouds looking the way they did. But I was glad it didn't, I really wanted to take all these great pictures and share them with ya'll. I think this was a good success though it wasn't as packed as last year, but a few is better than none. I can really see my self having an antique car one day, just to have it. I might drive it around, and besides cars from back in the day are safer with the materials they were made from. And I already know I'm not the only person to think that.

Before going out the see the cars we were all fed since it was the 4th Sunday of the month. Almost every month we fed all guests and members of the church on the 4th Sunday. We call it Family and Friends day, which is something to look forward to in the country. The food is he best when it's free teehee (just kidding). 

Hope ya'll have a great night and sorry for posting this so late, it was suppose to be out on yesterday. Enjoy the rest of your night!!