Friday, August 15, 2014

Have you ever traveled to a foreign country? What country would you most like to visit?

You know, I've never actually left the United States but it would be awesome and amazing to go to Japan, or Paris, or even visit Australia some day. I think visiting each of these places would be pretty amazing experience.But the number one place has to be Japan. It's beautiful and the culture is just mesmerizing.

One of the main reason I want to go to Japan would be because the culture itself is amazing. Everything is so traditional yet still holds modern type feels to them as well. There is never going to be another place like Japan in my heart. Plus I love all things anime!

Shows like Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo, Naruto Shippuden, and even Fairy Tail are a bonus but they have a lot of advance technology. There is just way to much I love about Japan. I even plan some day to move there for a few years (If it can be possible) and come back to the states. Traveling without a care in the world is a wonderful dream indeed. I can't wait to get my feet off the ground. So far a lot of things has been looking up and I hope this good luck streak will never end.

Here are some photos of Tokyo streets and how I so want to be apart of the hustle and bustle some day.

Not everything is anime related but what's a little kawii (cute)-ness once in awhile. I'm not sure where this is actually at but if I can find it in real life I'll take a picture with me in it. I think Japan is a wonderful and safe place to live. Their crime rates are the lowest in the whole world! That's pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

A night out with the girls is a great way to take in the sites here. They even have Host/Hottess Clubs for the ladies, and even for the gents. There's ones that hire female or male workers to serve or cater to someone that is paying for their time and attention. I don't really know much about them but it's pretty popular in the Asian countries. Would I visit one? I think I would just to experince it first hand. I see no shame in it. And to be able to talk to a hot guy and go home without felling guilty later sounds pretty interesting.

What's not to like right? I mean the lights the energy, I would love to enjoy staying in Japan for just one night and do every and anything there. I'm still learning Japanese but I have some of the greeting's down. I know what not to say and how it is said. Ii have no interest in offending anyone at all so I know they are super nice.

So this is the country I would travel to for a visit, or to even stay. Tell me what country would you enjoy visiting? I want to know all the details too ;)