Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mike Brown and Ferguson Police department...

You know I didn't know what to write about, or if I was actually going to post about this at all. But I've been wondering about this as well. You see I'm a black female who is now pretty much being very cautious when I go out any time of the day. Down here in the South there is a lot of racist and well you get use to it. And I think that's where the problem lays. We got to comfortable with how some of the slip ups where made. Or how we can let it just slip by and not really pay attention to what was really being said. Or even what was really happening.
I think that the more that we remember where we've come from, how we learned to stand up for our rights nearly 50+ years ago, the higher authority of this corrupted nation will become unsettled. And they should be. You can't keep killing innocent young black men just because you feel it is the right thing to do. You can't just think that because this happened before we would just forget about it. Because that's just what the problem was, it happened before and it keeps happening. One should already know that one race can take but so much hate, ridicule, shame, blasphemy, pain, selfishness, and lower than dirt name calling before the band will snap.

You expect us to get over it yet it still boils down to the fact that you won't let us overcome it. I've seen many points of views, even got heated when a news reporter suggest the "rioters" get water cannons. Seriously? I pretty much had the same look as the guy that was sitting right next to her, who happened to be a black American. The comments of most asked why didn't he put her in her place. I thought what he did was smart. Keeping quite is a better alternative than being viewed as butt hurt calling racist.

Now what made me come out to write this post was this. I haven't encouter any of those trolls and I really don't plan on seeing them/ read what they've got to say. But than I did make this post, so there might come a time (today/or any other day), that some one will find a way to troll but might not even realize they are doing it. But there are that numbered few that will scratch an itch or push a button just to get under your skin. I listen to anyone's  point of view. We're all different yet are the same.

So tell me what you think. Do you really feel that we are making a big deal out of nothing? Do you really feel as though the guy himself deserved being killed or any other of the brothers/sisters of the African American race should be killed unjustly? We need peace, and we will get it. We're pretty tired of leaving home afraid for our lives not because of the said "Black on black crime". We aren't violent like the news and inter-web want you to believe. We're human just like the rest of the world. All we ask for, is some peace, some respect, at least give us that much.

Somethings will take longer to change, this will come sooner than later. I know it and I can't wait for more of the white community to actually take into consideration of what it feels like to feel this way.