Saturday, August 23, 2014

My blog new look.

Hey loves I hope ya'll like the new look. I wanted my blog to look a little more professional and fun looking for you. I tell ya'll now Picmonkey is a life saver, when you want to make your blog to show case your personal style. I was going to make a post of all the goodies I've received on last week, but I made quite a boo boo of my right hand index finger today with a hammer. I was trying to hammer a nail on the wall of my room to keep my curtains from falling down.... And well it ended pretty bad.
I was looking to hit the nail and got my finger instead. I didn't cry (which was a surprise) but it sure do hurt. I took some pills for the pain, and the nail bed has blood in it. So right now I'm just waiting on my mom and sister to bring me a lighter for this paper clip. I had to Google what I need to do to relieve the pressure from my nail bed. And well I'll have to burn the tip of the paper clip and put it on the nail so that the trapped blood can escape.

Here's only one photo of what my finger looks like now and I'll make another post as like an "What happened after..." My finger hurts off and on, but it's not as bad as when I hurt it that first time.

I hope to be rid of the color soon!

 But with all that's happened I'll be getting dreads!! I know, it's different but, I need the change. It'll be something that I can enjoy. I had already washed my hair, but I hurt my finger before I could comb my hair out like I wanted to.

 I'll even do before and after photos. So look forward to that guys! Hope your weekend was a memorable one. Mine so far is... interesting. But I can't and I will not complain. I finally got back into school, and I'm looking forward to finally having a job that can get me out of the house, and put extra cash in my pockets. But not only that, I think I can really get a internship at Starbucks that can help with my schooling. So basically it's a win-win situation.

So I'm going to leave get back to doing my homework. See ya'll on next week!!!