Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My new blog button!

Hey my lovelies!! I finally made myself a blog button. The best thing is that it was a lot easier than I thought!! I was looking to find ways to make it easier for bloggers like myself and I found a blog The Willingham Enterprise 
 That link will take you directly to the blog button information of the blog. If you want to make your own I highly recommend the instructions from this blog. I made my blog button with Picmonkey and used Photobucket as a way to give the photo a link. With those tips it makes making a blog button so much easier.
Here's what it looks like after this post it will be live on my blog for ya'll to grab is you like. I have tried so many ways to make one but it always ended the same way, the picture was there but the code was left out. So I began researching and searching for a easier way to make things easier for me and those that enjoy reading my blog.So here's what my blog button looks like:

Beauty within the Geek

I wanted to keep it simple, but still can point back to what my blog is all about. A lot of bloggers, blogs are pretty cool, but I like this button because it's well simple just like me teehee. I didn't want to go over board or anything. I do hope ya'll will enjoy it though.