Monday, August 4, 2014

One Direction Makeup Giveaway!!

Hey lovelies!! This is a bit late, but guess what!! One Direction has a makeup collection coming out soon called "The Look Collection" by Markwins International! There will be three different types of makeup tins. I can really enjoy putting each of them on just to see how they would look on me.

For you to enjoy all of what One Direction had in mind here are the three tins and I'll explain what's in all of them. Girls everything in them will be worth the wait, I can tell you that for sure. Oh I'll even tell you when and where they will be in the stores in the US!! I know amazing right?!

So here they are!

"Up All Night Kit"

If you are the fun, flirty and girlie this collectable keepsake tin is the one for you!

It includes:

  • "Taken"- Liquid lights Glow gloss. Glitter pink lip gloss that glows orange under a UV light.
  •  4+1 Eye shadow Palette in playful blues and versatile neutrals.
  • "I Should Have Kissed You" - bubblegum pink creme lipstick.
  • "Little Black Dress" voluminous mascara.
  • "Na Na Na" Aqua-blue metallic chrome nail varnish.
  • "Stand Up" dark denim eye and body crayon and so much more!!

 "Take Me Home Kit"

 To make a girls-next-door with flare look this kin should be your number one choose!

It includes: 
  •  "Kiss You"- Liquid lights Glow gloss: Orange glitter rush lip gloss that glows neon yellow under UV lights.
  • 4+1 Eye shadow Palette in perfect nude shades.
  • "Last First Kiss"- nude-pink sheer lipstick.
  • "Little Black Dress" voluminous mascara.
  • "Live While Your Young" multidimensional gold glitter nail varnish, and a whole lot more!!

 "Midnight Memories Kit"

Be the known rocker chick out of the crowd with this tin! I for one would buy this for myself!!

  • "Through the Dark" Liquid light Glow gloss: Electric poppy lip gloss that glows neon red-orange under a UV light.
  • 4+1 Shadow Palette in smokey shimmery grays and neutrals.
  • "Best Song Ever" crimson red lipstick.
  • "Little Black Dress" voluminous mascara.
  • "Right Now" liquefied metallic steel nail varnish.
  • "Better than Words" blackest black eye and body crayon and so much more!!

Each of these keepsake tins are named after the albums that took over the world! All of them chart toppers for some time. There's even doddle stencils so you can decorate the tin as you see fit.

And here are the dates in which the line will be avaliable worldwide starting in the U.S of A. Also don't forget this is a special give away. Make sure you do what is required at the bottom to enter the giveaway! Please make sure you follow them on

  • Macy's- August 11th
  • Stage Stores- August 25th
  • Dillards- August 25th
  • Beauty Brands- August 25th
  • Lord and Taylor- August 25th

By the way make sure you follow them on twitter and even pin it on Pinterest, and though there's one more day left you can still enter at this website:
I hope you all will enjoy this as much as I did writing it. Sorry for the delay but you all still have the chance to win so don't worry!!

One Direction, they're pretty popular and I enjoy some of there music as well. See you guys later!!
If I'm able too, I'll do a personal review of one of the products myself, so look forward to that!

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