Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photo Splurge!

Hey guys, today was pretty long and interesting to say the least. I will tell you about how my mom and I went to go food shopping and as we were driving down the lane a girl, that looked to be 14 years old (though she looked younger) was walking, looked back and went slower. I think she thought we were going to slow down or wait until she moved... Yea I wanted to tell my mom to just run her over but that would of been mean.... right?
Anyway back to a more pressing and well more important issue, I spent most of the day taking a few pictures in a few of the outfits I bought some time ago and recently. These first photos I have on a sweater dress with gray tights. I wore heels in some and my favorite boots in the other photos.

Sweater Dress-Rainbows/ Gray tights- Sock sale in Lumberton/ Boots- Rainbows in Fayetteville.

I think the boots with this dress is cuter. The heels don't really look or felt right when I had them on earlier today. I don't know what it was but the boots were a lot lower in height so maybe that was it.

All in all the sweater dress itself is one of my favorite. I have a teal blue one and a gray one as well. If it was up to me I would have one in every color. I might can make that into a challenge to myself and do just that. To me these dresses can be very sexy depending on what you wear under them.

Hope you all enjoyed todays post!!