Monday, August 11, 2014

Tell me what you think.

I decided at this moment at exactly two past that it might be time to try something new. I always wanted to find a way to bring bloggers of different interests together whether online or in person. I read a blog recently that uses Inlink to do small type links to learn about other bloggers and to introduce your blog to new readers at the same time. I've never used it before and I pray that I don't mess anything up with it.

So I think that if I make a badge/button and other things for an idea to work, something good can come out of it. Right now I'm pretty much brain storming about how this could work. I think if I start out small and just find at least a few blogging ideas for beginners and/or something that will include everyone.

There are soooo many blogs out there that needs the attention of other bloggers. If I could read and reply to all of them trust I will take a whole week out of my time just to do that. There's nothing more satisfying and fun than reading someone else work and commenting on how great it is. Having that person do the same for you is a bonus!

Yea I think I should look more into this idea before I just put something forward and it turned out bad. I don't want to confuse anyone in any kind of way. I love helping people. I enjoy reading new and different blogs. I enjoy reading about other peoples lives. It's fun and it makes your larger world a bit more understanding.

I hope to get something more fun running on my blog soon. And since I went back to school on today, I think I'll do something pertaining to school. I'm not sure just yet. I'll probably put things about baking and other things like that. For those out there that don't know yet, I'm going to get my Bachelors in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division. The school is great and the teachers as well as the advisers are helpful when you need them.