Thursday, September 11, 2014

A really awesome new store!

Hey loves okay I' always online whether to do homework or looking for new and unique online stores to shop on. As I was looking there was this one store that stood out from the rest called Born Pretty. I thought the name pretty much said it all, and besides who wouldn't want to look pretty every now and than right? So you know me all to well if you think I spent most of my day looking through everything that this store had to offer. To tell you the truth I really feel in love with it!!
Yes, now what shall come next? I'm going to tell you all about why I'm in love with this store!! Born Pretty has so much in one place that I could just add anything in my wishlist and buy it all later.

To start off with they have an amazing and large option of just about everything like jewelry and many different kinds at that.  My all time jewelry in the store is the earrings such as the ones here. They are cute and small and just I love cute and small teehee. With all of the jewelry they have in stock I wanted to know if they had anything that could help me make beautiful Boho looks with different outfits for a reasonable price and I find a hand full of headbands and head jewels that would look great on any hair type and with amazing quality as well!

I really think that look would look really great on a simple chick like myself. Especially since I started on my dreads and I just want to try something new. A lot of my friends take the look and I thought it was a bit weird. But I looked up the real meaning of Bohemian and realized that I'm pretty much am a free-spirited type of person. With all the different styles out there to wear of piece like shown below I think it would look great on anyone that finds Boho style fascinating like I do.

The headband at the top isn't boho but it is really cute! There are more like this one that you can find here. All I can say is that I really love window shopping at this store. Can't wait to start buying from here soon! Reasonable is their middle name (not really) so I know ya'll will find something that you will like to order in this store and you will keep going back just like me!

Thanks for reading my loves, don't forget to stop by the store trust me, you will not regret it at all!! <3 p="">