Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to school Wishlist-Cute Kawaii online store!

Like I said on yesterday, I love looking and searching for cute, unique and great stores on the internet. I found another store that has every last one of the qualities I've just mentioned. Now I know that school is already in and everything so I wanted to go ahead and do my wishlist for the Fall. I love this store!! It's so cute and cuddly, plus they have Cosplay for my Anime-nerdy-fans out there.
I have always loved Asian fashion and I doubt that will be anything I'll grow out of. Plus there's not many stores that holds clothing for my size and height. Yes Asian women on average height is  and I'm 5'5'' which is exactly average for an American female. Some call me short. If their male and 6 feet tall. And then there are some of my female friends that will say I'm pretty tall. But if I wanted to model (which I do) heels will always accompany me because I'm at least a good inch or two shorter than what they are looking for.

But back to the store Cute Kawaii, I can really say that they have almost everything a girl could ask for. I actually found the store through sheer luck. Because I was looking to have a bit more of the Asian taste in my wardrobe and on my blog.

So I think I'll go ahead and put up my "Back to school wish list!"



1. Botas Boots Kawaii Rain Boots Cute Bow Fashion- $23.00
2. Fashion Ladies Sexy Bow boots lace up Knee high heeled boots- $36.00
3. High heels flower pattern sexy shoes -$35.00
4. Navy anchor sneakers -$30.00
5. Sexy Lace-Up Leopard Knee High Heeled Boots - $40.00
6. Metal buckle motorcycle boots - $34.00


1. Striped navy dress - $44.00
2. Retro Forest v-neck Floral Dress - $27.70
3. Sailor suit sweetly college navy snow spinning dress -$35.00
4. Lovely Dress With Polla Dot Belt Bow Cute Skirts - $29.00

 Fall/Winter Coats
1. Cute cat hooded cape coat - $33.00
2. Cartoon fleece cat ear coat - $30.00

 So if you feel like online shopping for something cute, sweet, and cheap this is the right store for you! Don't forget to use the 10% off discount code on my side bar!! Thank ya'll for reading and look forward to seeing a bit more about this store when they bring in new things. So far I really love the quality and prices, the store owner is friendly and a great person to get along with. Come back again my loves!! <3 p="">