Monday, September 8, 2014

Blogger FORECAST Thursdays: Features

Hey all sorry about not posting like usual, a few days ago I found out that my uncle had past away. So just keep me and my family in your prayers and I will post like I'm supposed to soon. Right now I'll tell you what happened while I was home.
With school being over in about another two weeks I can't wait to start a new class. At the moment my grade isn't the way I'd want it to be which is really a pain. I know in my next class I will do a lot better (hopefully). Because I really want to graduate and open my own Bed and Breakfast. 

On another note I want to show cast blog Features to my blog. You know those that love any and everything. So if you want to be feature on my blog on a Thursday just contact me on my Google Plus or here at my email. I will feature a blogger every Thursday. Since this is new and you email me, just know that it is highly likely that you will be featured right here. This is a way to let others get to know you like I know you.

Be sure to send me:
  • A pretty/ handsome picture of you.
  • The name of your blog with the link to it as well. (Don't forget links to all of your platforms as well.)
  •  What is your one favorite activity?
  • Your name and where you are located at the time being.
I love all types of blogs and I'm following a lot of them. To be able to share them to others is a great way to get more readers and I know I'd want more people to read my latest blog post so I know ya'll would like that as well.

I'll Forecast at least 6 new blogs each week so it'll be a thing of first come first serve. But it is a possibility that your blog will be up on my blog by Thursday morning if you can write me with the needed information a day or two before I post anything. If you write me on the day of your blog will not be featured. It's just a matter of timing plus I'll be doing all of the typing so I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Well I think that will be all for today so enjoy the rest of your day loves!! Today's been rainy and I do love the rain but we have a problem when it begans to bug the internet teehee. <3 br="">