Thursday, September 18, 2014

Handwritten Letters

 When was the last time you received a handwritten letter?

 Well it's been sometime since I last received a hand written letter. It was when my best friend Gabby was in basic training for the Airforce. I couldn't really send her a lot since I didn't have enough money for stamps. Yes I know they are cheap but I needed to save money so I just wrote a bunch of letters in a couple of days. And if I had a stamp I'd put them all in one envelop and send the whole thing off. I don't know if she liked that regimen of mine but it was the only way to at least save some amount of money.
Now that she's doing really well in the Airforce we don't really see one another or write letters like before. Her address changes a lot, so yea it's really good that I can still reach her on the internet. It's not the same really but I miss her and if she calls or I call her, I feel a lot better knowing that she's doing okay.

 I don't have any pictures of her with me, but the wallet one that is in my wallet... Not really sure if she'd like me putting her picture up on here anyway. But, she is one of the greatest friends a crazy chick like me could ever ask for. She's not selffish, she's smart, beautiful and always had my back in high school and beyond. Bonus: SHE LOVES BOOKS!!!!

Ask anyone I love reading, and I've read a number of books since learning to read. At first I didn't understand what reading was like until I decided to do it for myself. You know how in middle school they held those "Battle of the Books" competition? Well I didn't really win nor did I play fair teehee. I would check out books and write the names of them down without reading. Now I'm really glad that I grew to actually love and enjoy reading. To be able to live so many lives that are unique, fun, and different from your own was what really pulled me in.

So I guess that's about it... I have received hand written letters from my ex, but we aren't going to travel there. I like moving on, try to forget... Does that mean I'm heartless when it gets down to it? I don't know but I'm seeing someone else right now so I like staying loyal to the one person that actually pays attention to me. 

Well folks I'll have to be on my way. Sorry it took so long for me to write. I'm actually trying to get a store open. I do hope it'll be successful. So wish me luck and pray that all will fall into place!!

Thanks for listening to my rambles, all of ya'll are really great for sticking with me for this long! <3 br="">