Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Belated Labor Day Giveaway!!


I had this post ready for yesterday, but I had some past homework to go through and turn in. I was also busy making my blog a little more professional looking. I needed my photos to have some where they wouldn't be taking without my permission. Would anyone do that... well I've no clue but it's better to be safe than sorry right? Besides some of these photos I wanted to share anyway, because I forgot to post them teehee!!
There is good news though, I've been apart of reviewing some amazing make-up that recently came to Macy and well I wanted to let ya'll know that there is a giveaway going on now!

The giveaway is to win an Autographed One Direction Make-up tin. I think ya'll will really want to be apart of this giveaway! I can tell that each of the tins are worth the wait! Being able to be one of the many girls (and women) to win one of these would be so cool. If you don't remember what was all in the three tins click here to read more about them.

Here is where you can enter the give away ladies!! Be sure to come back daily for a higher chance at winning! I wish all of you the best of luck! Be sure to go and follow them on Facebook, you'll receive other updates about the make-up tins and many other information about how to put this make-up to the test!
I do hope ya'll enjoyed this post. The make-up that's been autographed is a only of a kind gift to receive in the mail. I can really enjoy wearing this on any occasion if you do it right. Putting make-up on shouldn't be a chore but I know how fun it can be if you are doing it right.Good Luck!!! <3 br="">

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