Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One Direction Beauty Review!

Hey loves well I've received the One Direction tin a few days ago and I was getting this review ready and as professional (as I can) for all of ya'll.To tell you the truth I was a bit spectacle about this make-up because I don't really wear any that much. But I must say once I tried it, it has grown on me. My sister even uses it which I'll have a picture of her and a friend of mine that took a liking to the lipstick.

I got the "Take me home" tin which is a little ironic since I do have that "Girl-next-door" personality. I thought it was pretty cool and I do love all that I've received. I wasn't the only person that actually took an interest in the makeup as well. My sister and one of my close friends tried it on and they liked it about as much as I did.

If you want to know more about what's in the other two tins you can go here I made a post all about them a few weeks ago. Don't forget to visit their website here:

Right here I was testing out the pigmentation of the 4+1 Eyeshadow Palette, which has neutral colors that will go well with any eye color. I must say the color is pretty good. I really liked it. In order they are: 1. "Change my mind"- A shiny tan, 2. "Back for you"- Light grey, 3. "C'mon c'mon"- Shimmery silver, 4. "Take me home"- Gold creme, and 5. "Little things"- Dark brown.

Out of each eyeshadow color I used "Little things", because it gives my eyes that mysterious look I've always desired. I used my own eye liner so as to have a bit more of an edge to the particular look. The nude-pink sheer lipstick which is called "Last First Kiss" was very pretty but I didn't think it went well with my skin tone, and I didn't really like it much. My friend Simone feel in love with it though so I let her put some on and keep it as a gift from me.

My lovely friend!! Ain't she pretty?!
My sister, she wanted to show all of the makeup teehee
I do hope all of ya;ll enjoyed today's post. Sorry about taking so long putting something new up. I had some homework to take care of. Each of you have a wonderful day. I hope your weekend was eventful!!

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