Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: SpookyEyes!

Dream Eyes contacts
Hey loves I was given these contacts to review from eTailPR and Dreameyes a few days ago. Now this is my first time actually wearing contacts. So I was kind of worried about comfort for those that pretty much has virgin eyes like me. I thought that they would feel weird because my eyes aren't really use to having anything in them. And well I was somewhat right. But! But after a few minutes of leaving my eyes alone and just going on about my business, I started to realize that they were quite comfortable and I really love the color of them.
They are called Blue butterfly contact lenses. When I first saw them I was in love! It never hurts that they are also my FAVORITE COLOR!!! *Sighs loudly* I really love blue teehee!

I really loved how these turned out when I finally was able to get them. I've never really thought contacts could come so pretty like this.They are very pretty and show up pretty well on my dark brown eyes. But I've noticed recently that my once very dark brown eyes are getting lighter. There was a time my eyes were dark enough that I could barley make out my pupils. Now I look in the mirror and I can see my pupils pretty well now. It's pretty cool too teehee. If your looking to buy this specific type of contacts you can come here, and the link will take you directly to the contacts that I have here.

Because they came without the solution and contact holder I went out and bought myself one. I couldn't find one that was all blue so I had to deal with green and blue. Anyway, you can clearly see the beautiful butterfly designs. I took the picture upside down so sorry about that.

So like I said when I put them in they were a bit uncomfortable, but after awhile I did get use to them. The color is great, as you can see it shows up very nicely against dark eyes. My vision was clear, but was a bit blurry. But I think the more I wear them the more clearly I'll be able to see.

Now it took some getting use to with me having "virgin eyes" and all. But I was able to finally get the contacts in and well even I had to take a double take of myself teehee. I never thought they would look as good as they did. Here's a photo of me wearing only one because I couldn't get the second one in at the time. Both of these pictures were taking with the flash on.

Quality Rating: (Rate 5 out of 5)
1. Opaqueness (for those with dark eyes) = 5/5
2. Enlargement = 2/5
3. Comfort = 4/5
4. Value = 5/5
Overall vote:
4 stars

Product Info:
1. Life Span = 1 year
2. Diameter = 14.5mm
3. Base Curve = 8.6
4. Water Content = 42%
5. SPH/Sphere Power = 0.00
6. Brand = Dream Eyes
7. Types of Vision = Non-Prescription/Perfect vision

Price = $27.95
Free Shipping!
Dispatched in 24 hours!

Excuse my rough draft of a rating bar. I wanted to try something different and cool. I think I still have more work to do on it. But that's my rating for the contacts. Over all the Blue Butterfly Contacts are 100% Awesomeness!! Well thanks for reading my loves!!