Friday, September 19, 2014 Wishlist

Hey my loves!! I wanted to share my wishlist to you! Okay so Spy love buy is an online shoe boutique for anyone that loves SHOES!! Here are four different types of boots that I have to buy some time soon. Once you see them, I believe you'd want to buy them for yourself as well. Each boot has a way of expressing ones inner desire and boy do I love it.

Spylovebuy wishlist

Tan lace up booties
$54 -

Black ankle boots
$49 -

Laced booties
$49 -

White mule
$70 -

Now that I have you utter and complete attention let's get down to business and have a talk about these beauties!!

1. The Perth Heeled Cleated Sole Platform Mule Shoes - White Leather Style. They are pretty white, and you know what they always say. White gets dirty pretty quick and well that's why I think these could be worn only on special occasions.An all white party with these babies would really set high bars for anyone wearing them. The style is pretty different and they are a long shot from what I would really wear but I think I could rock them. The price for them on the website is $58.41, a bit pricy but you can always splurge once in awhile right?

2. The Anguila Heeled Cleated Sole Ankle Boots - Tan Nubuck Leather Style. These are my favorite, they kind of look like Tim's but with style. The tan color is pretty nice looking with this type of boot. They can be paired with any type of outfit if you know what you're doing. I love this style of boots so much that I've chosen a black and blue pair right with it. You can agree they are very cute and well what more is there? So you can get them at, $40.73, but defiantly worth the price.

3. The Anguila Heeled Cleated Sole Ankle Boots - Black Nubuck Leather Style. Love them soooo much the all black color is what I really love but the way they can be used for any outfit that has an edge and darker look is pretty obvious of why I picked them. I would love to cosplay in the near future and to rock them with a hard core anime or video game character is a dream come true. They are priced at, $40.73 and I would still buy them. Dressing up as someone else isn't cheap anyway.

4. The Anguila Heeled Cleated Sole Ankle Boots - Blue Nubuck Leather Style. Now ya'll already know I had to get these beauties in blue!! I was in luck when I found them. I never really expected it but there they were. I like these most of all, that's why I let them be last. Boots all together are great for the up coming weather of the Fall. And well with a pop of color you can never go wrong with something blue! Most of the the white around the ankles will draw attention to the blue since it's like a color block affect. You can buy them for, $40.73.

Alright I've shown you what types of boots I enjoy and what I plan on wearing for Fall, tell me what store do you shop at for your boots? I guarantee you will enjoy the customer service of Spy Love buy and you would want to buy from them from now on.

It's time I'm off but I'm sure to come back sooner or later. Thanks for reading my loves and keep on doing what you love, love those that love back and come back for more!!