Thursday, September 11, 2014

1D Miami concert Giveaway

(P.S I'm sorry this has been posted so late. This opportunity has past but when I made the post and put it in to be approved I couldn't find where I had posted this. So it's late so you can ignore this if you feel like it.)

Good day my loves how are y'all this lovely and rainy day? (Well it's rainy here teehee). Well as you can see I do love giving you the 411 about 1D with the new make up that is now currently available at Stage Macy's and also at Dillard's. Also don't forget to check out their Facebook:
Since you know about the giveaway and how well the 1D makeup works with any skin tone and the price is just right, can you believe there's more in store for you as a 1D fan and makeup hunter?? I know I was pretty surprised myself with all that is surrounded around the make-up of these guys.

I am sorry with how late I'm posting this but I do think ya'll still have a great chance at winning since a random draw. So one lucky winner will have the chance to win 2 field level tickets to 1D Final Concert Tour Date in Miami on Sunday 10/5/14, 2 R/T economy tickets (within the continental US only.) to Miami, room accommodations (1 room) at the Turnberry-Isle Miami Hotel, Ground transportation (to/from Airport and to/from Concert), a $300 AMEX card for incidental expenses, and 2 autographed make-up by 1D limited-edition collections of beauty essentials all in a reusable keepsake tin.

With three available collections the only thing one has to worry about is which one you want. You can see more information and pictures in my other posts here. With all that's been going on in your life why not take the time out and celebrate with these pretty good looking guys? Besides we all only live once right? I am not going to put YOLO... I despise that acronym.

Man that looks beautiful! I can't wait to see who wins! So, much luck to the lot of you ladies! If you did win and we're friends I'd really appreciate a message of some sort. I want to congratulate you personally, because to go see 1D will be like a dream come true. Old or young we all love to have fun. Make sure you enter here at the bottom and keep coming back, to enter for the next few days until the it is completely over with. Once again good luck and I hope to see you're beautiful faces again soon!! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and I hope you will continue to come back!

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