Monday, September 22, 2014

Why do I watch anime?

I had someone ask me that awhile back. Oh and for those that don't know Anime well click on that link and there's a few anime's that you can watch for yourself. I watch anime because it's life lessons that we all can learn from.With everything I have learned it was learned by watching anime. I cried, laugh and pretty much eat anime. I know tjat sounds weird for someone my age to enjoy things like this. But sometimes life is learned through things we all enjoy.

There are a lot of debates out there on the difference between anime and cartoons and manga and comics. I'm not really good at explaining things like this so at the bottom is a video that I think will do the honors a lot better than I will can. So enjoy the video and tell me what you think down in the comments. I listen to every theory and opinion so don't worry about me bashing or correcting anything but spelling teehee.

And with that I do hope ya'll enjoyed the post for today! Thanks for coming by to read a watch my blog post of today! Come by again anytime!!