Friday, October 24, 2014

Blog Feature Friday!

Today's Blogger Feature is Sarah From Something Simply Lovely! Her blog really simply something (I intended that to be a pun teehee!!) Her blog is about Fashion on a budget, and I think everyone likes to shop but sometimes the pricing can be a bit to much for our... not so deep pockets. She is fairly new to the blogging community so check her blog out!
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You want more you asked? Well here it is folks! I really liked talking/emailing with her and she gave me a little bit more on how her and her blog will grow. I have to tell ya, I can't wait to see how it all will happen myself so I'll continue to read her blog posts. The spot light is on her so here's all that she has to offer now and in the future years to come!!

Why did you decide to make your own blog?
  • I've always been a creative person, and my blog serves as my creative outlet. I love writing and I love shopping on a budget, so basically I just combined the two. Plus I love shopping, and this just gives me an excuse!
Who as a blogger do you admire the most?
  •   Fashion bloggers who are successful. There are so many amazing bloggers out there that I aspire to be like, and they work so hard to be where they are. I think that success is really something to be admired and aspire to. 
What are your future plans and will your blog continue to be a great source of connecting with others?
  • Yes! I LOVE connecting with other bloggers and meeting people via social media. I would like to continue blogging about fashion on a budget and give great advice! I'd also like to write more articles about female empowerment. It's SO important.
What is fashion to you? What are your tastes?
  • Fashion to me is a way of life. If you look good you feel good, it can bring your whole mood up in just a matter of seconds! My taste is probably a little more edgy, but I do occasionally like to have a bit of preppy mixed in there. Anything that I can find for a deal works for me! I love designer, but it has to be affordable!
Who do you look up to?
  • I look up to my mom she is amazing. Somehow in her busy life she manages to put me first all of the time (she always has). She is able to keep an immaculate clean house, take care of anyone, be fashionable, and have the worlds best cooking ready at any given moment. She's my hero!
Thanks for reading!! I do hope you enjoy the rest of your TGIFriday! I know I will :)
That's all for right now so show Sarah some love and check out her blog, follow her on Twitter and like her page on Facebook! We're all here for one another! See y'all next time!!