Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day with this handsome guy! #SmileStlye

Yesterday it was so nice out I decided to take a few photos of and with my nephew! He's a very hyper 3 year that I love dearly. We had a pretty good day on yesterday and so I wanted to take all of our moments on photo and record it as well.

We had fun and well, he was set on screaming for some reason... I think he liked hearing his own echo teehee. But we had fun took lots of pictures and enjoy the weather. There wasn't much to explore outside the house since I don't have my own car right now.

 He was trying to play hide and seek. He's still learning the hiding part of the game though. I had to take a picture because it was so cute to see him this happy and having so much fun yesterday. This day was a great one, he was smiling the sun was out and the wind was wonderful. Air fresh and everything was quite except for the frogs of course. :)

Dress: Stripped high-low dress-Rainbows  / Flats: Ballet Flats (similar) / Necklace: Vintage Silver Crystal Eyes Owl / Earrings: Pearl earrings (similar)

I love this little guy sooo much. He can be a handful but he knows how to have fun for a three year old. He is a sweet heart as well. We didn't do much but talk, play, and take pictures but I know he had about as much fun as I did yesterday. I made a video of our day out so I'll post it down here as well as on the "Changes Weekly" page of my blog. I hope ya'll enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you soo much for coming by to read my blog today! Enjoy loves!!