Sunday, October 12, 2014

Favorite book for this week!!

Last week I was honored to be able to read this very book that you are looking at! YES, this was a really good book. I would think that I've read some really great book before, but each time I say that another one comes up a little different and well grabs me by the eyes and heart. When you read the description of the book itself, it's almost like they're telling the one juicy part that you want to read. But that's so not the case for this book. This book was made for young adults and older, I find that in reading this book, knowing more about who you are and what you believe can really help to find out who you are as a person.

With everything that's happen in the book I can say that I'm really looking forward to the second book. Chuck has really become an author that I'd follow to the ends of the world if he continues to write books such as this one. With the Christian book story, and me being a Christian myself, I saw myself as the character Sydney, well when I was a few years younger. The only difference would be that she was really strong about her beliefs and I was strong but "way" to shy to actually talk to people let along talk to them about God. This made me really look up to her not just as a character but as someone that I'd really want to become in my future of getting closer to God.

I really enjoyed reading this book and in learning something new I see why I can enjoy something like this and I enjoy sharing my finds with all of you. By the way if you want to read this book you can find it here. I hope ya'll enjoyed my review and that ya'll will read and enjoy the book as well. Thanks for reading, remember to stop by again!

Grade Rating
Illustration: A
Plot: B
Character Build Up: A
Story Line: B
Editing:  A

*FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.