Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kuro Shinobi a.k.a. Black Ninja!

Hey loves I know this is a bit different but I think this guy is really on to something when it comes to Action, Ninjas, and cool fights. If you know me well you already know how much I enjoy the Japanese culture and that I want to move to Japan in the near future. I haven't know Lee since he begin this project but I'm really glad to say that I enjoy everything he has put out so far. I wanted to share my excitement with you all so please enjoy this with me!
He has a few trailers that I'm going to share here that is on Youtube. I can go on and on about how great these trailers are and try to convince you but there's nothing more worthy of being shown than anything. Here's the videos so enjoy and like and share with other's to get the word out about the upcoming movie!!
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I'm not the only one who saw great potential in this project and the man behind it as well. Here's another article you might like from The Ruthless Wonder of Words Don't Do It Justice Blog. Lee is really a pretty down-to-Earth guy. I asked if I could be in it myself and he didn't say no. Since we are pretty far from one another I'm not really sure if I'll be of any help but well see. You can even get yourself one of those two shirts that he is modeling up top from here. If you get in touch with him, let him know I'm supporting this and that I sent you!!

Thanks for reading loves! Enjoy the shear awesomness you will witness in watching each of these. This will be one interesting journey and I can't wait to see how it will benefit this movie.