Thursday, October 30, 2014

Living Beyond Breast Cancer!

Hey my loves sorry for not posting as often but I have been on Twitter and Instagram so if you follow me all has been well. All of you know, or should know about the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization. 5Hour Energy is working with the organization, which is why you see the Breast Cancer symbol on their bottles if you go out and buy them.
With opportunity to share and bring attention to the awareness and to give more insight of what Breast Cancer in general means to me. Personally, I don't know anyone in my family with cancer of any kind. But I did have an aunt pass away from the disease couple of years ago. I'd be lying if I said I don't miss her dearly, but I know she is in a better place. I raise my pink bottle to all of the survivors out there!! Cherish your family, love who you are as a person and never give up on living.

I never really drank 5 hour energy and well, I don't really take a liking to energy drinks. These were pretty good, with the Lemonade flavor. I recommend it to anyone looking to have a push of energy. If any of you have tried it and like them tell me about it! What kind of energy drink, or shot do you enjoy once on the blue moon? If you want more information with Smiley teaming up with 5 Hour Energy click here!!

Thanks for reading!! Enjoy the rest of your week loves! Halloween is tomorrow, have a safe and fun night!

*FTC: Disclaimer: I've received this as a free product from Smiley360 to review. This is my honest opinion of the product. #5HourGoesPink