Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Make up Galore!!

Save up to 50% off Makeup!

Ya'll ever been to a site and saw makeup like Chanel and Dior and automatically know that, it's super beautiful but super high as well? Yeah? Well look no further my little chick-a-deeds!! I have given you the best early Christmas gift any blogger can do when some like myself don't really wear makeup like that. But I was browsing an online makeup store called Glambot.com and I will tell you, this has defiantly changed my mind when it comes to buying makeup.
No worries, there's more than just makeup being sold here, you can buy brushes and lashes. By the way, even you can sell them your makeup and they will give you instructions on how to clean them... Or I believe they clean it themselves. Anyway I thought ya'll would love to learn more about the store it self and there's so much expensive makeup being sold for a really great price!! For the beauty savvy out there, girls!! This is a store you've got to check out and check it out right Now!!

If you don't believe me here are some makeup I've find on this site, and the same ones I found at the actual store. (Had to do a bit of research so... you're very welcome teehee!)

The first set will be makeup from Chanel and Glambot
Cheaper when you keep her!

I'll even be more than generous for new comers of the store and share with you a 30% off code that the store gave me to give you guys!! The code is LUSH30! It can be used on any high end makeup you choose on the site. Mac, Urban Decay, and Chanel are a few makeup brands you can use this code on. What are you waiting for ladies!! Gone ahead and save some money on makeup you love!

I have to go for now, got a bit of homework to catch up on! Thanks for stopping by and reading loves! See ya'll soon!!

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