Saturday, October 18, 2014

My style with dresses!

I was wondering about what to talk about on today, and well I felt like sharing what type of style I have. I believe the saying of pictures having a thousand words so here's my style with the dresses I love from ModCloth. If you don't know the store I believe you should really check out this pretty amazing vintage store. I've always loved browsing their store and I haven't been on it for some time. My best friend Gabs shared this store to me and I'm really happy she did all those years ago.

They have everything you could ever want in just one store alone. I think that's pretty cool and I really like their vintage area. I love how the website itself has slight changes to make it very user friendly and I can now surf it even more! There's nothing I've ever found that can be compared to Modcloth itself. I'm pretty happy to be sharing this great store with ya'll!

To start everything off, I have an outfit I named: Too Kawaii For ya!!
Too kawaii for ya!

Everything here is from ModCloth and well, who can blame me for loving just about everything there right? I should of put a favorite book of mine along with this outfit. Maybe I can go ahead and recommend one while I'm writing about the outfit sometime in the future.

Air of Adorable Dress in Baloons: $74.99
Milan a Roll Blazer in Beige: $74.99
Timeless of my life heel in caramel: $34.99
Through the Post Clutch: $29.99
Glitz a Beautiful Night Necklace: $29.99

Name: Brunch Day Out!!
Bruch day out

Brunch With the Best of Them Dress: $99.99
Smiling Gear to Ear Flat in Black: $54.99
Vogue Adventures Bag: $74.99
Cameo So Adventurous Bracelet: $24.99
Swooping Swallow Necklace: $11.99

Name: Owl-Tastic!

Hoots on First Dress: $89.99
Partial to Parcels Coat: $74.99
Gallery Greeting Bootie: $49.99
Glam Golden Rule Necklace: $24.99
Bling-dom Animala Bracelet in Owl: $19.99
Fit for Flight Scarf: $24.99

Name: Survive the Night Life!
Survive the Night life.

Saturday Night Thrive Dress: $77.99
Partial to Parcels Coat: $74.99
You Make me Feel Like Prancing Heel: $44.99
Cupcake Contest Bag: $44.99
Get an A for Aviator Sunglasses: $11.99
Captivating Cascade Necklace in Silver: $14.99

I do hope ya'll feel in love with these dresses just as I have. Yes they are a bit pricy but I still love them even more. Stop by the store and browse everything, it's what I do regularly. Thanks for reading and do come by again soon!!