Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Weekend at the Fair!

Wow I wanted to write more about it so here it is loves!! So I made a video of what we did and just about all that we ate. The Fair that comes here is always full of surprises. With it being on the South Side of my home town there can be... some difficulties. But I think so far things aren't as bad as people thought it would be.
Everything was calm, when we went, no one got mad or anything stupid, no fights broke out. All was great except that it was chiller than we had anticipated. I wrote and put the video in my "Changes Weekly" page that I updated so you can go checked that out as well.

I think everyone was only looking to have a good time, I know I did so enjoy some of the rest of the photos I didn't have a chance to post until now. I hope I did okay. My photo taking skills are getting better with time.

We all really had fun, we didn't get on the rides because it was Sunday and none of us had much cash to by tickets or writs bands. We mostly walked around and ate great food. I really, really liked the Loaded backed potato and Fried Oreo's that was $10.00 together. Fair's can really dig a nice size hole on your pocket if you aren't careful.

A lady was nice enough to give my nephew a fish. She said she had enough at home, plus I think he was probably playing "Pick-a-boo" with the fish when she had it. That boy is silly, but he got his very first pet that day and so his mom went out that same night and bought the necessary material that would be needed to keep "Fishy" alive for a long time.

I'm not really sure how long he/she will live but I hope it's long enough that my nephew can give him/her a real name *chuckles*. Ever since we brought the fish home my nephew is still pretty fascinated at the little new comer. I think the cuteness is when he still tries to play pick-a-boo with him/her.

Well loves I hope ya'll enjoyed today's post! Come back again, tell me if any of your hometown Fairs stopped by yet!