Friday, October 31, 2014

Scions of the Aegean C: Book Review!

Hey loves!! I was finally able to finish this book today! Scions of the Aegean C: Descent into the Wilds by Terry L.Craig is pretty good. I didn't really get into it until around the middle. It starts off a bit slow in the beginning but it has grown on me. I was actually upset with how it ended, I wanted to read more. I want to see more of the journet and possibly hardships that both Shaye and Jariel will be facing in the next book.
Well I'll began the review.

The book is about the journey of a group of people who crashed landed back on Earth in the year of 2044. Soldiers, doctors and civilians are stranded and they don't understand at some point why no one's come to save them. With me reading this part, it really didn't grab my attention like I had wanted it to. But once we travel in time to meet the future of those that have survived the hardship of the land they have built a living for themselves. But in doing this their very first mistake was how they began to separate their people by class as they do now. They have slaves, and things began to get even more complicated when they soon forget their ancestors God that has brought them there in the first place.

The target audience for a book such as this I believe it can be read by young adults as there isn't any sketchy scenes. It can also be read by adults as well with how the world is so similar to ours. And how some of the problems are pretty similar as well. While reading this book I figure the message in it would be to remember where your roots are and to never forget the one who brought you out in the first place. Though troubles will come following one's heart can make you regret somethings but you have to keep moving for the better of your self. The book itself was pretty interesting, it became really engaging towards the end which is good. If you read it, you would be read to read the next book to come out.

There a couple of Christian worldviews in this book that I liked. It wasn't presented in the book like it was a last minute throw in and that really made my day. I can say that the author knew what she was doing and she kept the story going. The text was a bit confusing when there were "s" at the end of some words that didn't belong. I really enjoyed this book and I would defiantly recommend it to all of my reader friends that enjoy fantasy books like this one. Everyone that loves to read should read it, like I said the beginning was a slow start but things do look up from there.

I hope y'all enjoyed my review. It didn't take me as long as I had thought to write it up. Thanks for reading and I hope y'all will take the time out to check the book out for yourself!

P.S: You can purchase this book for yourself here! Tell me what you think about it when you're done reading it!

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