Thursday, November 6, 2014

Black or African American... Which is really right to say?

So I had another post premade and ready to go for today, but this was a situation that was brought to my attention from a video I watched recently.... I know you're not really suppose to get angry with the younger generation from not knowing, because the schools are not teaching African American history along with regular History. (In high school I had to take a separate class if I wanted to know more about my ancestors! Crazy right??) Anyway well, I'm on Facebook just got done sharing my post from yesterday (This one). And I thought I'll just relax and just scroll through. Well I came to this video thinking it was just some dumb kid doing something dumb.
I read my friends status and well it made me curious. Here's what she said:
"If you can't take what comes with the territory, then be careful what you wish for. Being "Black" is more than being noticed.. being "Black is hundreds of years of empowerment that my people had to suffer for just to be recognized. For your information.. "Black" is neither the color of my skin nor the definition of my character... You need to try being "SMART" and see how that works out for you first... It seems to me like you're writing a check that your butt can't cash!"   -Sadiyah Wolfe 2014
See? You're curious too aren't you?So after reading that, I went on ahead and played the video. I was quite, shook my head at some of the things that actually came out of her mouth. I even laughed at the sheer stupidity this young lady thought was smart to say (and record while saying it) at that time. Was I heated, pissed, upset? You already know. I don't know I'm just a bit confused maybe... My question to those out there that don't exatly share my skin color, have y'all had these types of question, or felt that though you saw one "Black" person act out on television or near you have you felt the need to protect yourself around all "us black folks?"

She also made a pretty "dumb" remark about black people bringing AIDS here, when in fact HIV-1 was found in chimpanzees, and HIV-2 was found in a sooty mangabey (a type of monkey). So I hate to break it to you honey, but it seems this isn't the first time HIV-AIDS was introduce to humans. And we were not the one's who "brought" it here. *Shrugs*

Why am I saying black more often than not? Because apparently we say it, we make jokes about it. But that is Not how we roll. We don't make stupid black jokes, the more she kept talking the angrier I became, but near than end when she said (And I quote:): "I kinda wish black people didn't exist anymore." I felt sorry for not only her but the rest of the younger generation that pretty much don't know any better. Except for the fact that they're not even trying to learn more about the ancestry of my people. *Sigh* It's kind of sad really.

I think I've said my fill of what was going through my brain, that I couldn't keep to myself. All I'm waiting on now is an apology video. Until than, here's the video of here and another I also didn't find very funny. 

Racism is still out there, no matter how much one can ignore it, it's not going to go away because you did. I'm still African American, that's not going to change. I rather hear that than hear, "Well he's/she's black but still cool." That does not make things any better than what they are. As a matter a fact, I'm not from Africa, I'm an American just like the rest of y'all. That's not a race, but it's not offensive in anyway. It's a comfortable term for anyone to use unless someone would be dumb enough to make that into a race thing. *Chuckles*

Hope I didn't take to much of y'alls time. Enjoy the rest of your day. Life still goes on, people will still do what they want, and the grass will never actually be greener on the other side. I guess her parent's didn't teach her that yet...

If you got this far in the reading thank you so much!! If not I understand. It's a lot more than I usually do but it needed to be done. Thanks again for reading guys. If you want to chat and debate, be my guest Ii like challenges. Share what you thing down in the comments. I'll reply to them all as soon as I can.