Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog Feature Friday!

Hey loves today's Blog Feature is a lovely lady name Lyrik Fryer from Lush + Luxe! I really love the style and make of her blog. It's so different and unique. I got to know a bit more about her as a person and blogger and so I asked her a few questions so that y'all could get to know her as well.

Here's where you can follow her as well:


With all do respect and everything else in between here is the Q&A's between me and and Lyrik, hope y'all enjoy!! She has a really great heart and it was really fun!

What does blogging means to you, and how has it changed you over the years?
  •  To me, blogging means sharing your creativity with the world. Blogging has given me a way to completely express myself and I think I've become a better person from it.
How did you come up with the name to your amazing blog?
  •  I was playing around with the letter "L" because my name is Lyrik and I guess Lush + Luxe just sounded right to me.
Who is your influential blogger or person that you look up to?
  •  The one blogger who I look up to would have to be Danielle of WeWoreWhat. She's been a great inspiration to me.
Being a fashion blogger can be hard, what advise could you give younger bloggers who are most likely looking up to you?
  •  My advise to younger bloggers would have to be to stay true to yourself and stay different. There are so many fashion bloggers out there so people appreciate someone stepping outside of the box.
What is something you enjoy doing that no one else knows about?
  •  I really enjoy driving at night. It's when I get my best ideas.

I do hope y'all enjoyed Lyrik's answers as much as I did. She is a really great person with an amazing heart. I wish I could meet all of the bloggers I've Featured so far! Y'all are really amazing to me and I believe we could really become close friends some day in the near future. Thanks for reading and be sure to email me if you want to be Featured as well in the near future! I love learning about new bloggers and getting to know more about bloggers who have been blogging longer than I have!! All are welcome!