Friday, November 7, 2014

Liquid Chalkers Product Review!!

When I finally received these I had to hide them from my nephew! He's pretty much in love with them as much as I am. But I have to keep them away from him. You know, Markers + Walls = Disaster! Well that's how it'll look in my little world anyway. The kid never know when to stop and think:
 My weird scenario in my head:

My nephew: "Am I actually allowed to do this?" *Shrugs* "Who cares I'm drawing with no care in the world."

Me: "NOOOOO!!!!! Not the WALLS!! Oh man my sister is going to kill us both!!"
*Waves bye to my other lives that I won't live*

I guess what I'm really saying, is... Seriously keep these away from children around or even near walls. Has this happened yet? Tch, no, but I'm doing my best to keep that from happening at ALL costs. Y'all do not know my nephew!! He is sweet and innocent to most but I'm with him all day everyday... I know teehee!

I think it's time I get on with the review so here it goes!
The Liquid Chalkers are really fun, I even did a little cute doddle on my mirror for y'all to enjoy. I had a child like rush when playing with them and I must say it was really refreshing. So here are the photos of what I did and of the product itself. You can buy yourself and/or your (old enough to know better) kids to have fun with. The package gives you worth while advise for when you first receive them.

  1. To start shake each of the Liquid Chalks.
  2. Depress the tips of each Chalkers until the ink flows into the tip.
  3. Remember that every surface is different. 
  4. Always start out in a small area to test the chalks. 
  5. Liquid Chalkers will wipe off most surfaces with a wet cloth or tissue.
So I do hope y'all enjoy my fun review because it was SUPER fun to do!!

Thanks for reading my loves! I hope y'all enjoyed the review, you can buy yourself a pack of Liquid Chalkers here. When you do tell me all about what you think of them!

FTC: I was given the opportunity to review the Liquid Chalkers for you all. This review is of my honest opinion and did not waver of my views on the product itself.